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Are you in need of an air, oil, transmission or fuel filter replacement in Nashville, TN? If so, Tennessee Filter Sales, Inc. has a wide selection of every type of filter you could need. We specialize in filters, so you've come to the right place.

Each filter ensures that your vehicle runs in its proper working order. You will keep its processes working smoothly and the car running longer if you change your various filters in a timely manner. Let us know which type of air, transmission, fuel or automotive oil filter your Nashville vehicle requires and we'll help you get it. If you're not sure, just tell us the make and model and we can help you figure out the filter type. You can purchase some of the best filters from us to keep your car in its perfect condition. Give us a call at (615) 244-1626 to see if we have your filter in stock.

Our Wide Vehicle Filter Selection

At Tennessee Filter Sales, Inc., we carry a broad selection of automotive fuel filters Nashville residents require for their cars, trucks and other vehicles. Come to us for air, fuel, transmission and oil filter replacements in Nashville.

We carry:

  • performance fuel filter

  • inline fuel filters

  • diesel fuel filters

  • car fuel filters

  • hydraulic oil filters

  • performance oil filter

  • heavy duty oil filters

  • car oil filters

  • transmission filters

  • cabin air filters


Vehicle Types

We carry automotive filters for all of these vehicle types:

  • car

  • van

  • trucks

  • motorcycles

  • diesel vehicles

  • atv

  • golf carts

  • SUV

  • many different makes and models

Ask us if we carry the type of filter you need for your vehicle's make and model.

Where We Ship

We ship all over the United States to anyone who needs our products. We also have a local store based in Nashville to help serve local customers from Clarksville, Hendersonville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, etc. as well. It doesn’t matter where you are, we ship everywhere!



Tennessee Filter Sales, Inc. has been selling air filters since 1960, so we're experts in the industry. Over time, we added a variety of filter types to our selection, including oil, fuel and water filters, to meet the needs of our customers.

If we don’t have your filter, no one does. Call us at (615) 244 1626 and let us help you!



Our selection includes filters from Baldwin Filters, Donaldson and Mann & Hummel Filter. These are high-quality filters you can count on.